Regenerative Finance & Commons with Jeff & Jess

FaVU VUT, U2 – 216, 15:00 – 16:30 CEST

„Post-capitalist funding. Is that even possible? Who could benefit – NGOs, communities or even artists and art institutions? What does the emerging Regenerative Finance movement aspire to and what might be its shadows? Could we learn something practical about collaboration and healthier economies from mycelial networks? Could we tap into the existing capital locked up in the financial sector and channel it into our commons using some of its very own tools? Is it even desirable or is it just another trojan horse of financialization painted green? Also, what the hell is Web3 and Commons anyways? What’s the difference between a commons and a cartel? Can we touch it? Can it touch us? Should it? How, in practice?

Jeff Emmett and Jessica Zartler from Commons Stack ( will be visiting Brno and will be happy to share their insights from Commons Stack and the emerging Regenerative Finance (ReFi) field in general in a non-formal talk and discussion.“

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